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Albins AGB Synchromesh 5 speed transaxle. 26.12.2023
Albins AGB L5D 11.5" Low Shift AGB-L5S is the strongest synchromesh transaxle available in the off-road marketplace. Originally based on a G50 Porsche, it couples the silky smooth shifts of a 911 with the brute strength needed to survive the most tortuous conditions. Built to withstand massive horsepower and take a punishment off-road. It features a huge 11.5-inch ring gear and is constructed from a cast LM25 aluminum housing that's heat-treated to T6 condition. The AGB is available in a five- or six-speed configuration with an "H" pattern shift. Gears are helical cut for maximum strength and are either synchromesh or dog change. Billet machined differential side plates are used for extra strength along with bronze load bolts to support the crown wheel under extreme loads. It is available for mid or rear-engine configurations and comes with 934/935 CV joint drive flanges..?16590
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