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FORD Sierra RS Cosworth GrpA & RS500 GETRAG gearbox 03.02.2020
GrpA RS500 9092727 9092669 - 1st = 2.34 (36x16) 2,34 (36x16) - 2nd = 1.68 (34x21) 1.68 (34x21) - 3rd = 1.36 (34x26) 1.36 (30x23) - 4th = 1.15 (34x26) 1.163 (28x25) - 5th = 1.00 (27x26) 1.00 (27x26) - Rev. = 2.66 (41x16) 2.66 (41x16) The only difference lives in the teeth inclination, on the RS500, the teeth angle is less tall, it is Half-Straight Cut and both Gearboxes are the Close Ratios Gearboxes and the Flange is of one Ø bigger on RS500. The prices of these complete Gearboxes are in the announcements, these prices includes : - The Alloy Bellhousing with the Oil-Spacer, without the Oil Pump (*). - The heavy-duty bigger Propshaft. - The complete Gearlever system. - The Mounting Bracket. The Axes of the Oil Pump originally installed in the Oil-Circuit Spacer are too small in diameter and do not support the Engine's power and to break, especially on a long course and on the great heats. It is advisable to use an additional Oil-Pump and external (MOCAL or TILTON) and to add an Oil Radiator, it's the perfect and reliable combination.
Kontaktemail des Anzeigenstellers: gigsv5498@gmail.com
Sascha Händel    Annabergstrasse 112   45721 Haltern am See    Emailkontakt: sascha.haendel [at] cityweb.de
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