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Escort Cosworth P8 chips 09.01.2018
Escort/Sierra Cosworth Chips for P8 ECU! (IAW 048/P8) Available: Stage 1 with waste spark (DISS) enabled - Standard injectors, -31 actuator, T34 turbo Stage 2,3 - Not available yet! Wiring For P8 DISS: ECU PIN 24 - Ignition ground ECU PIN 25 - 1 ign out ( cyls 2-3 ECU PIN 26 - 2 ign out (cyls 1-4) Ford DISS you need to buy EDIS coil and another ign amplifier. After purchase you will receive only .bin file for P8 ECU over email! I case you dont have ability to burn your chip I can send you burned AT27C256 for an extra charge. Technical support over email. note: Understand that every cosworth engine is \"unique\" so mapped chip on our cars doesnt mean that it must exactly fit to your car...Chip has Stage 1 maps, so more fuel and more boost. For safety use wideband lambda sensor in your car with EGT sensor to check your AFR! and exhaust temps!
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